Sunday, March 05, 2006

Gay Prevention Program Harm Teens

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force released a report recently accusing Exodus International and other ex-gay groups of harming teens in their increasing attempt to target their groups and therapies to them.

The report is asking state and local authorities to require these therapy groups to live up to the same licensing requirements that other treatment centers follow, which I agree with. Alan Chambers was forced to admit that only 30% of Exodus' ministries have onsite professionals. But, since Exodus' mission is not to minister to gay people, I guess there is no need to have professionals onsite anyway. Maybe Alan should have made that distiniction to the AP.

In his statement, Alan Chambers also mentions the success of ex-gay ministries and conferences, while the report accuses the ministries of attracting confused and scared friends and family members of gay people, not gays themselves in most cases.

I think that is a good point. Families hearing the stereotypes about gay people, and often not knowing much about what it means for someone to be gay, are intrigued by the offering of changing their gay family member. For some reason, they believe what ex-gay groups have to tell them (without proof) and disbelieve the heartfelt testimony of their own family members. How unfortunate.


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