Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Big Weekend

It's been a big weekend/week here in Houston. As you may know, the NBA All Star Game was here in town this weekend, and I managed to score some tickets to the Rookie Game on Friday and the Skills Challenge (including the Slam Dunk Contest) on Saturday.

Actually I didn't have tickets--I was a seat filler. But, this turned out to be a really good deal. On Friday there were tons of open seats (even though it was sold out), so i grabbed a seat 6 rows off the court and got to stay there the whole time. Same deal on Saturday with the seat filling, but it was much more crowded. I spent about half of the night on row 6 and the other half on row 12 or so.

I go to lots of basketball games and usually have decent tickets, but I don't get to sit THAT close very often, especially for a star-studed event. Among the stars I was within a few feet of were Oprah, Diddy, Donald Faison, Eva Longoria, Terrell Owens, David Stern (the NBA commissioner), Ahmad Rashad, Shaq, and numerous other basketball players. So cool. I'm a sucker for celebrities, what can I say. I also managed to get a great picture of the winning dunk just as it is being dunked in.

Last night I saw Bon Jovi. They are really good live, and the ladies still love Jon. They were completely swooning over him. Good weekend and good times. Now it's back to reality for a couple of more days.


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