Thursday, February 09, 2006

Christian Missionaries to Gays?

Randy has a good post over at his blog about The End of the Spear, the current movie featuring Chad Allen (a gay actor) as Christian missionary. He references an article in Christianity Today that compares the way many evangelicals deal with gay people vs. the way they deal with missionaries and the people they seek to reach.

Think about it- missionaries (especially the ones in this movie) often go to very dangerous areas of the world to spread the word of God. They eagerly (I'd assume) risk their lives to befriend tribes and teach them about their faith. But so often some of the same people don't even consider befriending the "gay community" (I'm talking a whole group of gay people, not just one person), and instead respond hostily.

Now, I'm not saying all Christians have this attitude, and neither is the author. I also think there are missionaries to gay folks out there. Many (I'd include Randy in this group, for the record) actively reach to gay folks to show them Christianity. At times I disagree with some of the methods, but I do certainly understand the intent and the heart behind it.

The article is worth a read. It certainly isn't an angle I had considered previously.


At 10/2/06 2:21 PM, Blogger grace said...

I thought it was a great article as well. I am absolutely sickened by so-called Christians who act as if they are too good or can't be tainted by fellowshipping with gay folks. all they can to keep their children completely shielded from them. My boys KNOW my closest gay friend (who we sadly have not spent much time with lately and don't see that often) and KNOW that he is gay. And they know that we love him and consider his advice to them about their future (college, saving money, etc...) to be GOOD counsel. He is our friend. He is not a proselyte for being gay. It JUST DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY.
We need so much education within the Christian (traditional) community about what being gay really IS and IS NOT.

At 13/2/06 10:01 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Hi Grace. Very good comment, thanks!

At 18/12/12 7:13 PM, Anonymous Children's Ministry in Mississauga said...

I think it doesn't matter because God can change them. Nothing is impossible in God and even us boys or girls don't deserve God's grace but still God forgiven us. Let's give gays an opportunity to know God and change themselves.


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