Friday, February 03, 2006

Hatchett Attack

An 18 year old guy came into a bar in Massachusetts recently and started attacking two men with a hatchett and shot another one. He walked in (using a fake I.D.), asked the bartender if it was a gay bar, and shortly thereafter started attacking people. Presumably because they were gay.

I read AmericaBlog fairly regularly, but I often find it too liberal for my tastes. I have to agree with John's take on this one, though. If you call a group of people perverts, disease-ridden (per PAM) and child molesters long enough, eventually someone is going to take it seriously and try to punish the perverts and child molesters.

Pam has her usual snippets about what the commenters of the conservative Free Republic message board have to say (this is really worth a look), and it's easy to see how attitudes like theirs can lead to such a terrible incident. Some of them are actually trying to condone this type of behavior.


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