Tuesday, January 24, 2006

End of the Spear- Take II

It looks like the attacks on the casting of openly gay Chad Allen as a missionary in the new movie "End of the Spear" are heating up. While the 700 Club still appears to be supporting the movie, it links to several articles that are clearly unhappy with the decision to cast Allen.

Conspiracy theorists are hypothesizing that the casting company got Allen as an intentional affront to Christians everywhere. First let me say that I'm a Christian, and I'm not upset by this decision, so they don't speak for all Christians.

Second, let me just ask if they maybe just went with the best actor for the role? Isn't that how parts are usually cast- because people are the best actors for the role, period?

Third, I wonder if they would scrutinize a non-gay actor in the film. From what I remember, Mel Gibson isn't the squeakiest of clean Christians, but no one really got on him for The Passion.

It's the gay thing. Don't let anyone tell you that our society or most Christians view it like any other sin. It certainly gets all the attention. I wonder if the other sins are jealous.


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