Wednesday, January 18, 2006

This is What I'm Talking About

A local conservative talk show host here in Houston has been cracking Brokeback Mountain jokes all week because of the Golden Globes, and he spent the good portion of one show ripping into the movie with his callers.

Ironically, only one of the callers had even seen the movie, and she admitted to liking it. That's my point- if you don't like a movie's theme, don't see it. But, awards shows are about the ARTISTIC MERIT of a movie, not about how PC the theme is.

Really- think of all of the movies that have won big awards ever. None of them fall into the category of "moral" movies, but as long as they don't talk about gays, they're A-Ok.

Moving on. Here's an example of deception by ommission by Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International. Again, this is what I was talking about in a post just a few down. He implies that all gays are living bad, suffering lives, and he wants to give that implication.

I just don't see this statement as a moral way to handle the issue, especially since he knows a). There are people who tell him and others that they are happy, and healthy and b). he knows that there are people out there that are unhappy with the treatment and counseling they received as part of Exodus.

I'm not too worried about excluding the fact that there are many many unsuccesful and unhappy Exodus clients (more unsuccessful than successful, even if you ask him). I'm more concerned that his words always paint gays in such a negative light. I'm a very happy and fulfilled person, but his words imply that I simply don't exist.

He constantly claims gay people and the APA, the AMA, etc. are telling him he doesn't exist because they say ex-gay therapy doesn't work, while he is telling me that I don't exist by constantly painting gay life as negative, unhappy, etc., which is the exact opposite of my life.

I'd hope for more compassion and understanding.

Here's what he says:

"Chambers, himself a former homosexual, says that while some of the themes in both movies explore the unhappiness, pain and promiscuity in gay life, the overarching premise sends the wrong message to Americans about culture and sexuality."

Make no mistake. He said "in gay life." Not "for some gays," not "for people that don't want to be SSA." He's painting a picture of "gay life" for all people when it simply is not true for all gay people.


At 18/1/06 11:13 PM, Anonymous shorty said...

I just want to say that I know more happy gay people than unhappy gay people. The myth of the unhappy gay is the last bastion of hope for people like Alan Chambers.

At 19/1/06 8:25 AM, Blogger Brady said...

You got it, Shorty, and he seems to be ok with giving the false depiction to all that will listen that "gay life" (read all gays) is nothing but negative. I'm just not ok with that kind of deception. If he talked about how his own life was that way, then I'd lay off.

At 19/1/06 8:14 PM, Blogger grace said...

I think I'm beginning to get to the core of what is so bothersome about these people...i mean...really...why can't each of them just speak for themselves?? Is that not enough?
There is not, in my opinion, a need to inflate numbers or statistics. God does NOT need us for that. Those who are drawn toward the message of change will be be it. More is not necessarily "better". Just my opinion....and a way of hopefully communicating to you that I undersatnd where you are coming from in your "issue" with Chambers.

At 20/1/06 6:51 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Thanks Grace. That's exactly the issue I'm having, you hit it on the nose. Have a good weekend!


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