Friday, January 06, 2006

God's Wrath Strikes Again

Pat Robertson blamed Ariel Sharon's recent stroke and poor health on some sort of divine retribution yesterday for dividing God's land. It sure is strange the God keeps personally punishing people. What is this, ancient Greece?

Oh, and does this mean God is punishing all elderly people? I mean, Sharon is no spring chicken, so his getting ill was just a matter of time, was it not?


At 6/1/06 9:37 AM, Anonymous Shorty said...

God sure has been busy this week: Ariel Sharon, the miners, the mudslide victims, the Mecca pilgrims, Lou Rawls.... Thank God it's Friday; isn't Saturday His rest day?

At 6/1/06 10:59 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Yes, tomorrow is his off day, unless you are Christian. Then we celebrate Saturday on Sunday, and if you work then it is a sin, even though God said Saturday.

Side note- Don't Pastors work every Sunday? Do they ask forgiveness every week?

At 6/1/06 11:56 AM, Anonymous Shorty said...

Pastors are all-powerful and exempt from sins. That's why Pat Robertson can reduce the 10 Commandments to 9.

At 6/1/06 2:11 PM, Blogger grace said...

It's embarrassing for all of us who call ourselves Christian, isn't it? Goodness.

At 6/1/06 2:40 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Grace- it is sad for me to see him and others say things like this. He certainly may bring people to Christianity, but I fear he pushes many away too.


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