Monday, December 26, 2005

I'm Wireless! And, My Dad and Evolution

I finally have my laptop wireless again. Woo hoo!

I was at lunch with my brother today, and he brought up a conversation he and my dad had about evolution.

Apparently a show came on tv about the evolution of man, and my dad quickly responded that their was not a shred of proof backing up the theory of evolution. My brother, of course, responded that there was lots of proof backing up the theory, although the proof wasn't 100%. On a side note my brother mentioned that there are many recordings of forced evolution of other species, specifically saying that all dogs had been bred out of wolves. My dad responded that there wasn't any proof of that because there was no way a little maltese and a big lab both came from a common wolf ancestor. My brother informed him that this was part of recorded history, whether or not he believed it.

The problem is that my dad simply hasn't bothered to look at the facts behind the theory of evolution. He's been told that it is anti-Christian, and he accepts that at face value.

There are many Christians and even conservative-Christians that believe that evolution is not contrary to the Bible, God, or even Christianity. I'm one of them. And, there are others that don't think that its compatible.

But, too many people hear that something is un-Christian, and they refuse to look into it themselves. Education is not the enemy of Christianity. Good, Bad, or Indifferent, I encourage people to get to know things themselves before simply dismissing it off of the words or advice of another person out there.


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