Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ford and the AFA

I'm sure you have all heard about Ford deciding to stop running gay ads and to stop supporting gay events with most of its brands as a result of a deal they made with the American (Anti)-Family Association (if you haven't, check out America Blog--it's all over the place there).

It's been a few days since that news broke, and I don't really want to blog about it.

America Blog does have a very good post exposing the very radical views of the AFA on gays, and asks why Ford would want to have anything to do with this type of hate.

Here's a couple of quotes:

3. Does Ford agree that homosexuality is the result of the fall of the
human race? "homosexuality is the result of the moral fall of the human
race." -, Homosexuality in America: Exposing the Myths.

4. Does Ford agree that gays eat feces, have sex with animals?
Among homosexual lifestyle and sexual practices are included: "sex with boys... eating and/or rubbing themselves with the feces of their partners... urinating on or in their partners... sadomasochism... bondage... sex with animals."-, Homosexuality in America: Exposing the Myths.

Hopefully Ford will come to their senses. Stopping advertisements in gay publications is one thing, but caving under pressure from these guys is way over the top.


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Your blog is boring me. We want more. Give the people what they want.


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