Thursday, November 17, 2005

Gay Murderers

I found over at the Exodus Media Blog, a little story about a gay murderer and how silent the media has been about his horrific crime. I agree with the article that this murder is a tragedy. However, saying the media is biased because they reported all about Matthew Shepard case and they haven't reported much about this case is just ludicrous.

I'm not sure why the Shepard case got so much air time. Maybe because of the way he died, or the way he was found. Maybe because he was a young, attractive guy. Who knows. Who knows why we hear about the "runaway bride" type cases while other women go missing every day. But, I can tell you that gay people are killed all of the time, as are straight people. And, most of these killings, even hate-crime killings do not make national news, and like this case, they get very little news time at all.

So, to say that a media bias is behind "covering up" this case is plain dishonest. I can find another gay murder case that has gotten just as little coverage as this gay murderer case, and Peter LaBarbera knows that, but he doesn't seem to care. Sad really.


At 18/11/05 6:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read that story too and it was slanted in way that screamed "see we told you gays were murderers". Sent chills up my spine actually. You're right, LaBarbera hopefully knows he is spinning and lying. He comes across as such a slimeball character and his obsession with gay men is in the realm of pathological.

At 18/11/05 12:32 PM, Blogger Daniel Gonzales said...

Peter was on Stephen Bennett's show this Thursday talking about it.

At 18/11/05 12:45 PM, Blogger Brady said...

BC, I agree.

Daniel, thanks for the link. I am having trouble believe how much Stephen loves gay people (sorry, HOMOSEXUALS), when he tries to use stories like this. It's nothing more than painting the gay community as murderers, or tolerant of murderers at the least. I wonder if he will have a story soon about all of the good gay people do.

At 22/11/05 1:52 PM, Anonymous Bruce Garrett said...

If the news media is ignoring this story, as the religious right says it is, then how do we know what we know about it, except through the various religious right outlets?

I would take what they're saying about this with at least a grain of salt. But there's a precedent here. Some years back the religious right tried to do the same Matthew Shepard equivalence thing with the killing of a teenage boy named Jesse Dirkhising by two gay men.

The problem for the religious right is that while say they're trying to show the moral equivalences here, it looks to everyone else like the old game of anti-homosexual fear mongering and dehumanizing that actually played a roll in Shepard's killing. Nobody is saying that Shepard's killers are representative of all heterosexuals, or even Christians. What was being said was that Shepard's murder took place in a context of anti-gay hatemongering that the religious right plays an active roll in. For their part, the religious right is saying that gay civil rights activism itself amounts to anti-Christian hate, and via Paul Cameron, that such violence is representative of, and an integral part of the gay lifestyle.

So while the two murders may both be the result of irrational hate, and I really don't know anything about what Gutierrez did beyond what the religious right says he did and says the police say he did, the motivations of the people pointing to these two deaths could not be more different. People were saying that Matthew Shepard's death is what happens when people are taught to hate. The religious right is calling what happened to Mary Stachowicz evidence of how violent homosexuals are. People want the example of Shepard's death to put an end to hate. The religious right wants Mary Stachowicz's death to stoke it.

At 23/11/05 2:52 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Hi Bruce,

Yeah, I know about the Dirkshing issue. It's commonly thrown out by the more virulent anti-gay crowd, and both cases (but especially the Dirkshing case) show the actual hatred for gay people--rather than just a disagreement about homosexuality--in those that bring it up. The cases are brought up as pure slander to show how terrible gay people are, nothing more. And comparing them to Sheppard is plain viscious.


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