Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I'm Sick to My Stomach

I'm nervous, uneasy, worried. Honestly, I can barely even get work done today. My mind has been going non-stop about this stupid Amendment. On my way to lunch, I found myself dazing off for several minutes at a time, completely lost in thought.

I'm sure I've got other things on my mind too that are exacerbating my stress too, but still.

I should have taken today off like I had planned.


At 8/11/05 6:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brady, I wonder if any of the people who wrote or support these unjustified constitutional amendments ever stopped to think how humiliating and degrading these efforts truly are? Did they ever stop to think for one moment what if the state were going to outlaw my life, family and household, how would they feel or react? From what I understand, the wording is so vague that if it does pass, it will affect hetero relationships as well. If there is a silver lining in this hateful travesty of justice, that would be it. Seriously look into moving to Canada where you are treated like a human being and not second class trash like these religous phonies are doing to the gay community. I'm so disgusted I could heave.

At 9/11/05 7:17 AM, Blogger Brady said...

BC- I don't think they do think of the personal ramifications of this. My boyfriend asked me this morning if the police had come to kick us out of our house yet.

Extreme, sure, but we are living in an arrangement "similar to marriage," so technically I think they would at least have a case.

You are right about the wording. The problem is, the churches and the Right called this a "marriage Amendment" which is deceptive at best. This Amendment just outlawed civil unions, domestic partnerships, and put into jeopardy even living wills, hospital visitations, etc. (especailly if a family fought against them). I'm outraged that they would intentionally mislead the public, but they did.

And, for the record, this has effectively outlawed all straight common-law marriages in Texas. I can't think of anything that is more similar to marriage than that. If I were an attorney, I'd be having a field day on that.


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