Wednesday, November 02, 2005

2 More Letters on Prop. 2

I just put a bulleting on my myspace account urging people to vote against Prop. 2 on Tuesday. Hopefully it will help.

I also found 2 more personal letters about Prop. 2 on BOR. Both are worth a read.

Here's a bit from one of them:

"It’s a daily experience for many of us dealing with the “little things” that everyone else takes for granted in their heterosexual relationships. Sometimes, for us, it turns tragic. It affects everything about our lives.

I’ve stood in the emergency room, partner unconscious, me in tears, trying to convince an uncaring desk clerk that I had a right to be there. I’ve gone into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt paying for health care of a partner who I cannot put on my insurance policy. And I even have to go through the hassle and cost of doing a legal document just so that a partner can bury my body when I die. "

Scary stuff we are dealing with here. Too bad it's all so political.


At 3/11/05 4:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a question for you:

How can you claim to be a supporter of gay rights, against Prop 2, etc... and not have the balls to be out? Sorry to put it so bluntly, But you cannot completely fight for what is right within the gay rights arena when you are so ashamed/embarassed/whatever about your own sexuality.

All these musings about Texas law and such are important, but they lack value when the author is forced into hiding about his being because he feels afraid. Give me a break!

Queue the apologists...!

At 3/11/05 6:19 PM, Blogger Brady said...


Thanks for commenting. First, I'd like to be clear that I am out to most of the people in my life. I'm completely out at work, with all of my friends, and with all of my family except my paternal grandmother, cousins, aunts/uncles. So 99% of the people I know, know I am gay.

So, to say that I don't have the balls to come out is a bit of an exaggeration. To say I am ashamed or embarassed about my sexuality is also far from the truth.

All that said, I also think it is pretty short-sighted to say that someone that is partially (or even fully for that matter) in the closet cannot make a difference regarding gay rights.

It is not easy for everyone in this world to come out. There are family and other circumstances that lead people to do things they don't necessarily want to do. And, I don't think all gay people were out from birth. Most had a coming out experience and process that often took a long time, and to say they can't work towards gay rights before coming out is prety unfair.

Anyway, there is your answer. Although, i think the question/accusation is odd coming from a poster that couldn't even take the time to leave a name.

At 4/11/05 10:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will a name make you feel better?



You need to come out to your family. Quit hiding. Really. I disagree and think that you are a fair weather gay - life has its ups and downs, but the downs shouldn't keep you from being honest about who you are.

At 4/11/05 10:34 AM, Blogger Brady said...


I disagree, and I think you are a fair-weather gay. Forgetting the coming out process and what it was like is a problem too many gays have.

I'll come out to my family, and I have over the last few years. But to order all gays to be completely out else they are not real gays or can't argue for gay rights is absurd.


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