Tuesday, October 18, 2005

More on the Texas (Un)Constitutional Amendment

From PinkDome and Burnt Orange Report, I learned that the Waco Tribune, The Corpus Cristi Caller Times (just found out about them) and the Mayor of Austin, Will Wynn, all spoke out against Texas Proposition 2 (the Amendment that would make gay marriages, civil unions, and maybe even many insurance benefits, legal contracts, etc. illegal in Texas forever).

So, that puts the number of Texas Newspapers against the Amendment at 5. None have supported the Amendment yet. Promising news that so far all of these folks have realized the absurdity that is this Amendment. The Caller actually went as far as to call the language supporting the Amendment "linguistic fraud" noting that this was going to do nothing to save marriage in Texas.

Since Waco is the home of the Southern Baptist Baylor University, I'd really be interested to see the letters to the editor in that paper about their stance.

So, good news- people are seeing this Amendment for the fraud that it is. Bad news- this is a huge uphill battle. I'm still worried. Yikes.


At 18/10/05 11:57 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Wacotrib.com recommends voting against Prop 2 and Gay Marriage Bill a Ruse in the same paper.

At 19/10/05 6:03 PM, Blogger Daniel Gonzales said...

I couldn't find much


At 20/10/05 9:33 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Hey Daniel-

I searched the Waco Tribune site too at www.wacotrib.com and also didn't find much. Maybe in a few days...

Hi Jennifer, thanks for the links!

At 20/10/05 9:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you're going to go on writing about the Amendment, do please learn how to spell it.
Good wishes
William B

At 20/10/05 11:48 AM, Anonymous Sparky said...

LOL or should I say LLOL?

At 20/10/05 2:29 PM, Blogger Brady said...


If you are going to be trying to be clever, please try a little harder. Sparky, this goes for you too. Thanks in advance. ;-)

At 20/10/05 2:41 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Oh, and problem fixed.


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