Friday, October 21, 2005

Pro-Family. Pro-Nothing.

"Something that was once sort of universally regarded as a sin, is now becoming sort of cool in high school," he said. "It's easy for an adult to say, 'Oh wow, I'm doing the compassionate thing by telling this teenaged boy that he's gay,' but they won't be there when the boy becomes a man and comes down with HIV or hepititis B and C."

-Pete LaBarbera of the Illinois Family Institute, and noted Concerned Woman, reacting after a gay boy and a lesbian were voted homecoming king and queen of their high schools. (From this article).

Screw trying to teach people to be safe and responsible, let's just use scare tactics and gross stereotypes to enrage the masses and ostracize these kids. Rather than being proud of a kid that just became king of his high school, he creates this absurd statement about how he was going to get AIDS later in life. If only the rest of the world could see this guy for the blow-hard jerk politician that he is. There's nothing "pro-family" about him at all.

(Hat Tip: INTOUS)


At 21/10/05 7:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

See Peter recently did a lot of research at the bathhouse during his undercover work at the International Mr. Leather conference because he needed to educate his Christian audience about the inner workings of "a perversion center where men engage in despicable and dangerous acts with other men."

Peter also spends a good deal of time "going undercover" to gay pride events, and in multiple instances, an International Mr. Leather event, to do research on deviance. He also doesn't take criticism well. When Fred Phelps decided to demonize poor little Petey, he decried that The Rotting CryptkeeperTM was a plant of the homo agenda.

"Politically and culturally speaking, Phelps and his protesters serve as a crude caricature of pro-family traditionalists who oppose the normalization of homosexuality. Fred makes an easy target for the media and secularists who are tempted (partly by their own prejudices) to paint any opposition to "gay rights" as hateful. For this reason, I have sometimes wondered if Phelps and his lawyerly clan are 'gay plants.' "
-- Peter LaBarbera, undercover homosexual lifestyle investigator. This from Pam's House Blend...LaBarbera spends much too much time obsessing about gay people. Maybe he could learn a few things about dignity and respect and the dangers of stereotyping to start with and then maybe he could mind his own business.


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