Monday, October 24, 2005

Ever Heard of a Non-Sequitur?

If you haven't, this is probably the best example I have ever seen:

"Imagine you stand in the middle of vast, hostile desert. A camel is your only means of transversing it, your lifeline to the future. The camel is burdened-- stumbling, loaded down, tired; enfeebled-- the conditions of the modern life are clearly not favorable to it. But still it’s your only hope, because to get across that desert you need a camel.
Now, chop off its legs and order it to carry you to safety.
That’s what SSM looks like, to me."

Is anyone as confused as I am?

Courtesy of the wonderful Maggie Gallagher and pointed out by Julian Sanchez.

I'm not really sure there is much more to say on this one. Is this really the best they can do?

Also, apparently the KKK supports Prop. 2 in Texas and will be holding a rally in Austin. Shocking, really.


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