Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Decision

I've decided something once and for all.

Being gay has nothing to do with morality. I'm just as moral as I was before I came out and before I acted on any of my gay feelings. That is something that some people won't understand, but in time they will. Until then, I will quit allowing myself to be dragged into a morality debate.

Straight people love who they love, gay people love who they love. This whole bit about morality is based in ignorance and an attempt to demonize a group of "others." It may be working for now, but it's success will wear off some day.


At 10/11/05 7:51 AM, Blogger Brett said...

Of course you are, Brady. You're totally right. And since this is yet again mostly about religion, let's be honest and say that religion has nothing to do with morality either. These anti-gay folks, the loudest being the Christians, love to claim that without God there's no morality, yet they don't lead lives that are any more or less moral than the rest of us, not to mention how corrupt their leadership is. It's disgusting and simply wrong and this too will wear off in time (I hope).

At 10/11/05 1:36 PM, Anonymous Bruce Garrett said...

That's it. Morality is about choice, and if you didn't choose to be gay, then being gay is beyond the scope of moral consideration.

Now people will say, yes...but how you choose to act on your sexual impulses is a moral issue. Yes it is. If I am abusive to someone I take into my arms, that is arguably an immoral thing. If I treat them in a mean or cruel way, or lead them into drug addiction or crime or constantly put them down and take away their pride and self confidence and make them weak and dependant, that is arguably an immoral thing. But it would be Exactly the same moral issue if it were an opposite sex lover I did that to, or a same sex lover. Homosexuality is simply not relevant morally.

Theology is not morality. The reason so many religious leaders become corrupt, is that they see moral questions only as issues of conformance to authority, where good and evil is nothing more then the distance between obedience and disobedience. Then they rise to power in their religious orders, and now they're the authority, and now they think right and wrong is embodied in them. I have been ordained by God... So if they do it, it must be morally right, because they did it. That's corruption.

At 10/11/05 3:21 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Thanks for the comment guys. I agree that religion by itself does not equal morality. They have to come together as separate pieces. Morality and religion are certainly linked (I think true religion must have morality as a part of it), but being gay is not even in the same field as morality, simple as that.

At 11/11/05 6:32 AM, Blogger thinking girl said...

Of course being gay has nothing to do with morality. Personally, I don't think religion has anything to do with morality. Morality is most definitely a necessary condition of religion, but religion is not a necessary condiiton of morality. However the two certainly are not identical. I am not a religious person at all. I don't believe in god, or an afterlife: I'm agnostic. But that doesn't make me immoral. I have a very strong moral code, and religions has nothing to do with it. And of course, we all know reverse examples: people who claim to be religious and have no sense of morality.

if morality does not have to do with religion, morality certainly doesn't have anything to do with whether someone is gay or straight or bi. I think what is scariest is pepole who use their religion to persecute others. that most definitely is not the purpose or ideal of religion, and in books, that makes those people most definitely NOT moral.


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