Wednesday, November 09, 2005

For the Record

I cried last night, and I don't cry. You all can guess why.


At 9/11/05 8:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But were you surprised?

The real irony is: Christians pushed the measure thru.

At 9/11/05 8:46 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Not surprised by the outcome, surprised by the size of the defeat.

The real irony is that the Christians that were pushing it through pretended this was just about marriage, conveniently forgetting to mention all of the other rights this makes illegal.

At 9/11/05 4:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brady, these amendments are about a whole lot more than marriage and these phoney christians are fully aware of that fact. When we were going through the debate here in Canada, I e-mailed the Christian Coalition of Canada and experienced christian love first hand. Make no mistake, it's not the marriage they have a problem with, it's the gay. But, they never stop to think or even care about the humanity of this issue and the number of families and children they have caused needless heartache and financial hardship. I'm insensed and disgusted beyond belief. Especially that they carry out these hateful missions disguised in religion but then again, that is pretty much the history of religion.

At 10/11/05 3:23 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Thanks BC. It's obvious to me that you are right-it's the gay. Now if only rest of the country, "the people" would realize how far astray they have been led.

At 11/11/05 6:24 AM, Blogger thinking girl said...

I'm so sorry Brady. To be honest, it absolutely boggles my mind that this "issue" should even BE an issue. I really and truly don't understand. How can it be a problem to allow two people who love each other to marry? I live in Canada as well, and I really think this is not an issue to vote on as citizens - it is a human rights violation that needs to be corrected by the lawmakers.

In any case, I'm very sorry this didn't go through in Texas. I wish our world was different in lots of ways, and that everyone shared the same rights and freedoms.

The fight isn't over, however. We shouldn't rest until everyone is granted the same rights, can share in the same standards, and can be free from oppression. Don't let this ruin your spirit - there's a long road still ahead.

Alternatively - come up north!


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