Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Nothing to Say (Ok Maybe a Lot to Say)

I'm sure you all can imagine that I am upset. With only 8% of precincts or so reporting, the AP has already called Prop. 2 in favor of the bad guys.

I honestly might cry.

Let me be clear (in case I haven't been in the past) that this amendment has nothing to do with "Biblical marriage" and I take huge exception to any person or Church that tries to claim otherwise.

Look, we allow divorce, remarriage, common-law marriage, non-religious marriage, etc. here in Texas. All of these smack in the face of "Biblical marriage." But, not only are we not creating laws and Amendments outlawing these things, we, as a society, are working to make these things easier to achieve. Most major churches and Christian denominations in this country already excuse no-fault divorce and give their (now living-in-sin) parishioners a pass. Why hold the majority up to the same requirements we ask of a small minority, especially when that minority is so evil.

This is about the Conservative movement and, yes, even many churches using gay people as a scapegoat. They demonize a small group of people trying to build support for themselves. It's too sad that so many Texans fall for this nonsense.

You know, part of me kind of hopes that this disallows all common-law marriages and that divorce attorneys use this terribly worded Amendment to annul actual marriages. Maybe then people will realize the mistake they made and how it feels to be a political pawn.

I should go to bed, I've had enough.


At 8/11/05 7:11 PM, Blogger Sean Kennedy Taylor said...

It's disgusting, isn't it? I stumbled upon your blog tonight and have to say that I didn't even know that the issue was on the ballot in Texas.

I'm originally from Missouri, now live in Indiana, and can tell you that this is an unfortunate plague that's sweeping across the country. Missouri was one of the first anti-marriage states, and the rest have fallen in line. Frankly, it sucks.

If I lived in Texas I would have been out there with you urging people to vote against such incredible nonsense. I'm sorry that the voting public is so blind and ignorant, but know that there are many people out there who feel just like you do. Some day the people of this country will open their eyes to equality.

My best to you and yours!

At 9/11/05 7:19 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Thanks Sean. I know there are people out there on the good side of this. It just hurts to know how many are on the bad side.

Some day it will come, but it's gonna be a very long road (longer than I thought i guess).

At 10/11/05 12:53 PM, Anonymous Bruce Garrett said...

Hang in there guy. I can still vividly remember waiting up late for the results from Anita Bryant's 1977 campaign to strike Miami's first anti-discrimination law from the books. Nobody much cared about gay rights back then, so it didn't get a lot of coverage and there was no 24 hour cable news network or commercial Internet access. There were no news bulletins about it because it wasn't a big national news story. I ended up getting the results from my short wave radio. We'd lost 4 to 1.

I remember walking around in a daze the next morning, mentally counting off four people for every five I passed, thinking four to one... four to one... four to one... It was horrible. But in the process of campaigning against our right to be treated fairly and decently, Anita managed to make a lot of folks take the step of coming out, and becoming more politically active. The effect of her campaign was to energize the gay community. It took decades, but finally in 1998 we got that law put back on the books in Dade County, and this time the bigots failed to get it taken back off.

Don't let the bastards wear you down Overall, Tuesday went pretty badly for the forces of divisiveness and discrimination. Maine kept it's antidiscrimination law on the books. An anti Gay bigot in Cleveland Heights Ohio was voted out of office, and a gay man voted in to take his place. The hard right lost a lot of votes Tuesday. Someday, they'll be on the loosing side in Texas too. It may take a while. But hate doesn't build anything that lasts. Only love can do that.

At 10/11/05 3:20 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Thanks, Bruce. Very encouraging words. Good to hear.


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