Friday, November 18, 2005

Is This the Voice of Compassion?

I was over at D.L. Foster's blog recently, reading a bit. I'm not sure I will be back much. He has a big chip on his shoulder about gays. It's not like someone like Randy Thomas, who disagrees with "the gay lifestyle" but is still cordial and nice for the most part. D.L. is downright mean and pretty ungodly if you ask me.

Here is what he said about Regan, a frequent straight female poster over at Ex-Gay Watch:

"I deleted her remarks and sent her back to sissyville where faghags find ultimate acceptance."

Short, sweet, and to the point. Does this really sound like a man trying to lead gays to God?


At 19/11/05 7:20 AM, Anonymous bc waterboy said...

Brady, I recall a post from DL a while back when I commended him for his apparent reasoning skills and what appeared to be unbiased commentary from the religous point of view. I take that back after reading his blog. I'm not going to waste my time posting over there, he is obviously off on a tangent and cannot accept gays as human beings. I don't see anything but spite and self-hatred there, compassion, no. I find Regan's posts thoughtful and well researched. She is an asset to all of these blogs. To degrade her in the manner that DL did, shows just how false his "christian" claims are. DL needs to spend more time reading his bible and getting to know the man he supposedly follows, cause he's nothing like him.

At 19/11/05 2:31 PM, Blogger Brady said...


You know, DL was cordial when he spent some time over here at my blog. But, you are right, his blog is way too over the top. Sadly, too many well-meaning conservative Christians believe the rhetoric of people like him. Those people are not the problem, it is irresponsible comments like this and others people like him make that are the real problem.

At 22/11/05 1:07 PM, Anonymous Bruce Garrett said...

He's Ex-Gay...did you know that? Try digging around in his blog archives and it comes out. Doesn't think much of himself or the life he was leading before he prepended the 'ex' either, although if what he says about himself is true there wasn't much of him to like. He says he was manipulative and used others and then discarded them. But then he says he found god and god led him away from all of that and so on and so forth...

Thing is...judging by his blog, his inner feelings toward other people haven't really changed with his born again experience. He still can't seem to manage the smallest shred of sympathy or thoughtfulness toward others. He still thinks that everyone exists to please him, to fit into His world His way.'s not the voice of compassion. It's the voice of a guy who is still angry, selfish, and manipulative.

The cordiality of people like that is not so much manners and common courtesy as it is roll playing, not so much about getting along as getting their way.

At 23/11/05 2:50 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Good points, Bruce. I simply find it unChristian to have the attitude and tone that he has on his blog, let alone the (what I see as) deception.


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