Friday, December 16, 2005

Gay Divorces

I'm not saying that gay people are better at keeping relationships than straight people. Then I'd be just as bad as the far right that constantly tell us how bad gay relationships are, how the "gay lifestyle" is full of promiscuity and depression.

But, in Vernmont, the Civil Union dissolution rate (divorce rate) is right about 1% currently. I'll keep that in mind next time someone quotes regurgitated Paul Cameron B.S. at me.


At 29/12/05 8:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually, it's more like six because the article says it could only track Vermont -- and not all 7,000 were from Vermont.

It also said updated stats weren't available.

At 30/12/05 1:29 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Hi Anonymous,

I'm certainly not trying to claim that 1% rate was completely (or even remotely) accurate. My point is that they seem to be doing ok so far.


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