Thursday, December 29, 2005

Brokeback Review

Sorry, another quick post about Brokeback Mountain. I found this article over at Randy's Blog. It's a review of the movie that alleges just how much of a propaganda film the movie really is. I asked Randy if a movie can just depict a gay person (meaning as a lead role) without being called gay propoganda. He said sure, but I'm not so sure right-wingers would lay off any mass market movie with a gay lead. Can anyone name one (please name something that had wide popularity)?

Anyway, read the article. The reviewer goes from talking about the movie into the abyss of hysterics so familiar to me and anyone else that follows the anti-gay crowd. It's the slippery slope theory all over again--next will be a movie about the "pure love" of pedophiles, family members, drug addicts, basically all of the absurd regurgitated buzz words you have heard before. Glad to know my committed relationship to my boyfriend of 7 years is held in such high regard to them.

Look, it's a movie about a gay relationship. It has nothing to do with pedophelia, incest, drug abuse, etc., and they have nothing to do with this movie. In fact, those movies are far more numerous, and far less criticized than the gay movies. So, maybe just this once we can try to stay on topic.


At 29/12/05 12:47 PM, Blogger Agius said...

He mentions Hitler. I invoke Godwin's Law.

At 29/12/05 9:44 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Agius- great comment. I hadn't heard of that before, but I am glad I have now...

At 5/1/06 4:16 AM, Blogger Zefrog said...

As a response to your request for a mass market film where the Wingers didn't complain, I think we could perhaps look towards . Then again you might need to check what the reaction was at the time of its release.

In any case it is interesting to note that the gay characters in this film are fairly stereotypical and therefore not threatening.

In the extra features on the DVD we are informed that just after 9/11, when violent movies were pulled out of cinemas across the world, the choice replacement movie was Priscilla, as the ultimate feel good offer... Interesting.

At 5/1/06 3:31 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Thanks Zefrog. I'm going to do a little looking around about Priscilla, but I think you might be right about the non-threatening nature. I don't think they were too scared there kids would want to be drag queens or overly stereotypical gay men.


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