Monday, January 02, 2006

A War on Christmas??

Over the last few years, it's been pretty hard to ignore the call from many conservatives about a war on Christmas. From hollywood to the "liberal elite" media to nearly every major retail company in the world, apparently everyone out there wants to make Christmas non-existant. Oh wait, let's not forget most of the government too.

My boyfriend emailed me this op-ed from the NYT (the actual article requires registration on the NYT page, so I linked to this one) that calls Bill O'Reilly out specifically for basically making up this "war on Christmas." The piece mentions that O'Reilly (or maybe Fox News as a whole, I couldn't tell) ran 58 stories about this alleged war on Christmas. The point, of course, is that whether or not this attack exists, certain people are blowing this thing way out of porportion. 58 stories on the war on Christmas and 0 about genocide during this period. Is that where their priorities are?

Here's the deal. Yes, it sucks that stores call Christmas Trees Holiday Trees now (I find this absurd, btw). It sucks that retailers say Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas (if you're Christian, that is). But, it makes sense. If by calling Christmas Trees Holiday trees, they are able to get even a small percentage of non-Christians to buy the tree, they earn more money. If saying Happy Holidays means Jews and Muslims also shop during this time, it means more money. This isn't about ending Christianity, it's about pure capitalism. But, Bill O'Reilly and the others know this, they just don't want you to know it.

I thought conservatives liked capitalism. But, what many of them like more is playing the victim card. Everyone loves to support a victim, and some conservatives have realized that playing victim gets them more support. Think about it. Colleges are run by liberal elites, as is the mainstream media. Hollywood hates anything conservative, or even moral for that matter. Governments are restricting Christian speech and idea in schools, and no one really likes Christians if you believe what you are told.

They're playing the underdog card, and unfortunately many people believe it without looking a bit further into the facts. Hopefully this oh-so-liberal-media will one day be as liberal as the far right claims they are and actually call some of this victimhood out for what it is.

Like I've said before, conservatives are the new hippies--the man is always getting them down. Just don't tell Rush Limbaugh.


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