Tuesday, January 10, 2006

See- TV Really Does Rot Your Brain

Pam over at Pam's House Blend is reporting that a local affiliate has been receiving numerous (this used to say "numberous," I really should proofread my stuff) death threats because they are airing the NBC show "The Book of Daniel." They even had to bring in security cards and the cops. Yikes.

I'll admit that I am hesitant about the show. The previews make it look like it spends a bit too much time "poking" at Christians. But, I haven't seen it, so I am not really sure what the context is. I wonder if these people making threats have seen it. And, is the show really about all Christians, or this really messed up Christian?

Regardless, is threatening someone's life really the best way to show how Christian you are?

Pam's putting the blame on the AFA. I'm not so quick to say that, but I will agree partly and remind people that words have consequences...


At 10/1/06 6:17 PM, Anonymous shorty said...

I saw the 2-hour premiere and I'm befuddled as to what the fuss is all about over at the JC camp.

The show focuses on one Christian family, specifically the father, Daniel, who is also a minister. So there's a gay son; and a daughter who stumbles into selling pot; and a mother who enjoys her martinis. Definitely not untreaded grounds on television. The irony is that Daniel is quite devout and the show's "message", if there's any, is that a person's faith is necessary in dark times. It's just ok tv.

Death threats? Thank goodness the show is scheduled only for a six-week run.


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