Thursday, January 12, 2006

Beer for Ballboys

I realize that beer companies (and most companies for that matter) use young, attractive people in their commercials to make their product look fun and exciting, but sometimes they go a bit too far.

I'm sure you've heard the "Real Men of Genius" radio ads for Budweiser (or is it Bud Light?). Either way, I heard one the other day in honor of the "basketball sweat wiper-upper," and it kind of caught me off guard.

I'm not sure how it works in the entire NBA, but I know my hometown team uses kids (usually junior high and high school kids) to wipe and sweep the basketball courts during games. Two of my high school friends used to do this when we were younger.

So, the ad ends by encouraging, the "sweat wiper-upper" to grab an ice cold Bud Light after a hard days work. Do they not do their research over there? They're talking about KIDS!

What's next, encouraging lemonade stand workers to grab a beer after a long day of earning their allowance money?


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