Thursday, January 19, 2006

Apology Schmapology

Seriously, at some point some of these famous people out there are going to have to take some responsibility for what they say.

How many times am I going to have to see Pat Robertson say something and then turn around and apologize for it. He did with with his absurd comments about 9/11 and he did it recently for his comments about Ariel Sharon. Look- he obviously meant these things or he wouldn't say them. Does he not feel guilty at all for saying things and then apologizing over and over?

Terrell Owens is a perfect example of a non-politician doing the same thing. I'm glad someone finally cracked the whip on him and made him pay for his antics.

Then you've got all the others. Dan Rather. Bill Clinton. Jerry Falwell. It's like these guys are making a career out of saying something and then apologizing when someone gets mad.

Say it or don't, just don't keep on apologizing.


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