Thursday, January 26, 2006

U.S. Tells the U.N. to Ignore Gay Groups

I got an email from a friend of mine about a little goings-on at the U.N. It appears that a couple of gay non-governmental organizations (NGO's) applied for some sort of consutlative status with the U.N. so they could be allowed to discuss and persuade votes between U.N. member nations. Having this status is the only way these types of groups can be heard.

Unfortunately, the U.S. decided the gay groups weren't good enough to reach that status in their minds even though the State Department's own studies show a need for international support for gays and lesbians. This is a change in policy from 2002 in which the U.S. supported such groups.

So, why the change now? Changing political tide that tells our people that gays are evil and not worthy of rights? I can't see any other reason. Why would the right-wing, anti-gay crowd care about gay people getting beaten and murdered by governments? Apparently the U.S. doesn't.

Let's look at who voted with us (and against gays): Cameroon, China, Cuba, Iran, Pakistan, the Russian Federation, Senegal, Sudan, and Zimbabwe.

Good company- Iran kills people for having gay relationships, and the President of Zimbabwe has said that gay people aren't deserving of any (yes any) rights.

Here's who voted the right way: Chile, France, Germany, Peru, and Romania.

Very interesting. Oppressive, authoritarian regimes vote like us. Free nations vote opposite us. Somehow that doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

Here's a letter a bunch of gay groups wrote to Condoleeza Rice. I wonder if she'll listen:


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