Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"Homosexuality is a Very Difficult Lifestyle"

Well, Alan Chambers is at it again. Today he's mad at the mainstream media, and more specifically Brokeback Mountain for not telling people the truth that, "homosexuality is a very difficult lifestyle."

Well, I guess I'm angry at him for NEVER acknowledging that not all gay people live difficult lives. Wouldn't that be the honest thing to say? Really, if we are being completely honest and are interested in complete honesty (and sinlessness--is that a word?) wouldn't it be more honest to say that there at least some gay people that are happy? Or that being gay is not a "difficult lifestyle" for everyone? Or that trying to be straight sometimes makes things worse?

Also, since when did Brokeback Mountain show how easy it is to be gay? All I learned from the movie was that it sure did suck to be gay and live in rural Montana or Texas in the 1960's (ok, I learned more than that, but the movie sure did show how hard it is/was to be gay--probably just not in the way Alan Chambers wanted it portrayed).

And, how many times can Agape Press really put out a press release from Exodus or featuring an Exodus leader about Brokeback Mountain? I mean, really.

Also, doesn't it seem kind of weird that they mention his family life as bio on this article? I'm guessing they are doing that to show how straight he is. If that's the case, should they mention his kids are adopted? Just asking, I know that's kind of mean, but it seems like an odd addition.

Oh- hat tip to Ex-Gay Watch for the link (for some reasons their comments are closed on the post, though)


At 26/1/06 7:32 AM, Blogger Brett said...

Hi, Brady.

Chambers has more than had his say about Brokeback Mountain. Obviously he knows the easiest way to get his name in print is to throw stones.

And you're right - the stupidest part of all of it is that the movie doesn't glamorize or romanticize homosexuality in the least. The effects of the relationship in the movie are in fact quite devastating. But to acknowledge that would be, you know, honest. And we know Chambers isn't about to let things like facts and the truth to stop him.

At 26/1/06 12:51 PM, Blogger Daniel Gonzales said...

I closed comments for that post because it was a post about Exodus' new name. I didn't want it to devolve into a general bitch-fest about Alan's predictable rhetoric.

At 26/1/06 8:32 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Hi Brett- It's sad really. For some reason the end seems to justify the means to him. I just wish he would see how wrong it is.

Daniel- makes sense, that's why I posted about it here ;-)

At 8/2/06 7:06 AM, Blogger CrackerLilo said...

Considering that he and his organization, as well as the other organizations that support him, do their level best to *make* gay and bi lives very difficult, I find his attempt at "sympathy" harder to take than just out-and-out rhetorical bashing.


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