Thursday, February 16, 2006

More Paul Cameron. Really?

As I mentioned, the Exodus Media Blog is up and running, and recently they linked to a story on LifeSite that is trying its best to prove that gay marriages won't make gay people happier or healthier.

I know Exodus' blog says they don't endorse any of the articles that they link to, but it sure is telling when they keep linking to articles that use these completely bogus studies to demean gay people.

To show how terrible gay people are, the article mentions a "study," saying, "that it revealed there is a 20-year reduction in the average life span of a homosexual male, compared to that of a heterosexual. Published in Psychological Reports in 2005, the study “Gay obituaries closely track officially reported deaths from AIDS” shows that the dangers of homosexual activity reduce the life span of gay men to the life expectancy of men in1871."

Sadly, the study is Paul Cameron (or regurgitated Paul Cameron in this case) trash. It's funny that they imply this study pertains to all gay people when the title of the study very clearly is talking about reported deaths from AIDS, not all gay people. Plus, any normal, educated person should see that reading obituaries does not a study make. I mean, really.

It's so disheartening to see people will try so hard to be "scientific" to cover up their own bigotry. A junior high understanding of sociology and psychology would allow any regular person to see through the holes in nearly all of these studies. This isn't partisan opinion, it is plain fact. The studies are completely bogus.

But, it sounds good. It makes them sound like they have crediblity. And, when someone really wants to dislike gay people, they aren't going to do research to disprove a study that makes their bigotry feel comfortable. Of course, that's the problem, and until we reframe the debate, these types of studies are exactly why we will lose. We have to get the media on our side to call this type of study out for the lie that it is.

Back to Exodus. I wonder when Exodus Corporate will get in the business of ministering to gay people and out of the business of publicly demeaning and stereotyping them.

BoxTurtleBulletin is a great resource to disprove a good number of the anti-gay studies out there, some of Paul Cameron's best (worst). Check them out if you want to learn more.


At 17/2/06 6:00 PM, Blogger Bruce Garrett said...

Thank you so much for the link to Box Turtle Bulletin! Looks like it will be a great resource. I'll be putting a link to them on my own site.

At 19/2/06 8:12 PM, Blogger Brady said...

No problem, Bruce. I agree, they look like they'll be a good resource

At 20/2/06 5:30 PM, Blogger Jim Burroway said...

Awww shuck...


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