Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More of Alan Chambers's at CPAC

The Exodus Media Blog is moving again, and what a better way to resume than to post more about Alan Chambers' speech at the CPAC.

I mentioned in my last post about this that I hadn't read the full text of his post, and I still haven't, but given the snippets here, things are just getting worse.

I really would honestly like to ask Alan, Randy, or any politically active ex-gay that is actively fighting against gay rights how using blanket stereotypes about gays helps them to recruit gays to their ministry and "the love of Jesus Christ." Wouldn't compassionate press conferences or speeches targeted at gay people (rather than the religious right) be more helpful than saying that there is no such thing as a lifelong homosexual relationship, calling gay relationships selfish, and claiming that gay marriage will destroy the world we live in? How many gay people were in that room do you think? I'd guess not many.

Seriously, I'm not trying to be political now. I'm being honest and open. I see how these types of statements and speeches help advance the conservative agenda and even help get funding for Exodus. But, I just don't see how this type of thing attracts any happy, openly gay person. if anyone would like to fill me in with a real answer from that side of the aisle, I would love to hear it. Again, I'm not trying to call anyone out with this post. I'm honestly looking for an answer.


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