Saturday, February 11, 2006

Now THIS is How to Turn Gay People Straight

I'm being sarcastic. At the same event where Anne Coulter used a racial slur against muslims (and later defended herself by saying muslims killed 3,000 Americans), Alan Chambers of Exodus used the opportunity to stereotype gay people.

In a post over at XGW, Timothy describes how Alan says that gays don't really want marriage for themselves and that, "lifelong homosexual relationships are not possible." Timothy does a good job of calling Alan out on this one. Alan occasionally posts over at XGW and reads other pro-gay sites, so I am sure he has heard of at least one gay relationship that lasted a lifetime. I guess my relationship has only been 7 years, so there's still time for it to crash and burn (and I'm guessing that's how he is rationalizing this statement), but I'd love to hear him respond to Timothy.

I admit, I haven't seen the whole text of his speech, so I'm not sure if the quote was out of context or not, but it's not looking so hot.

You know, if I were running a Christian organization whose goal was to recruit gay people and bring them to God, I'd probably refrain from going out and publicly making blanket negative stereotypes about gays. All it does is piss them off. If he's really trying to recruit gays and not just try to show the world how evil they are, wouldn't he try to be a bit, umm, nicer?


At 23/4/09 1:38 PM, Anonymous GayPeople said...

I think there is no recipe that can turn the gay people straight, but it worth trying.


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