Monday, February 13, 2006

Other People Voting on My Rights

So, a group of straight Americans are going to vote on a bill that affects me personally and doesn't affect them at all. Good times.

We have the Supreme Court to protect the minority from the majority in cases like this. But, the right wing realized that to avoid the Supreme Court, they can just write pure discrimination into the Constitution. They sure are sneaky.

I'm glad people didn't think of this hundreds of years ago. Oh wait, they did. Look at what a terrible mess that turned into.

I'm talking about the Senate voting to ban marriage for gays in June. I just hope they do what they did last time, and vote the right way in this one. I also hope Republicans start getting called out for this type of distraction and hate mongering.

So, I'll either be really mad or really actively fighting against this in the coming months. I'll try to keep it positive.

It's hard when this type of thing affects me so personally, and people outside of the issue just don't seem to get it. Or they do and they just don't care.


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