Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ex-Gay Billboard Defaced

I found out via Randy's blog that an Exodus billboard (maybe two now) has been defaced recently. Unfortunately, it happened last year too. It really is too bad that someone would stoop to that level. Not that I'm all that surprised that it happened. I'm not convinced the criminals were gays or gay allies protesting Exodus or Love Won Out, though.

You see, it's not as easy being gay as people seem to think. I see the "f word" or the word gay used derogatorily in nearly every graffiti-laced bathroom I enter, and it's pretty common to see gay-themed posters and signs get defaced or vandalized even in this "gay accepting" society we supposedly live in.

This could be a gay vandal, and if it is, I'll come down on him or her. But, I think it's too early to make that call and I think a press release combining the vandalism and the protests of Love Won Out in the same sentence is unfair. It just seems like Exodus and/or Love Won Out are jumping on the opportunity to show how evil gays are. This press release doesn't explicitly draw the link, but it is close (talking about the vandalism by anonymous folks and the protests by gay people in the exact same breath). Sadly, this statement does draw a link and accuses gays without any evidence. Is this about helping same sex attracted people or deamonizing them?

I support civil protests (just as Exodus has supported civil protests against gay groups). I don't support vandalism. I will draw the distinction every time. I hope others will too.

On that note I'm not sure why Alan Chambers finds the public protests by gays particularly disturbing while he has publicly supported public protests against gays.


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