Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ex-Gay Parody Suit

I read over at Ex-Gay Watch that the Liberty Counsel and Exodus International are sending letters out to websites asking them to stop disseminating a parody of an Exodus Billboard. You can click on the link to see the actual parody and original billboard, but the original one says, "Gay. Unhappy?" and then gives Exodus' web address. The parody says, "Straight. Unhappy?" And then gives a gay web address. Funny stuff I guess, considering it was made in response to the Love Won Out conference last weekend.

It makes sense that Exodus is mad about the parody. Nobody likes to get mocked or made fun of, so I get that.

The problem is that this cease and desist letter is a bully tactic, nothing more. Believe it or not, parody is one of the most protected types of speech in the country. We can thank such political icons as 2 Live Crew for that. Apparently we love some comedy at the expense of others.

I was a Communication (mostly media studies) major in college, what can I say. I'm no expert, but I eat this stuff up, seriously.

So, this letter is absurd. Exodus and Liberty know it. Too bad they'd stoop to this level.


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