Tuesday, November 04, 2008


It's the most important election of your lifetime. That's what they're saying at least. Even if it isn't, you should still vote.

Even if you're like me and live in a non-battleground state. Even if you're in college and think you have better things to do. Even if you're at work and think you're too busy. Even if you're worried about standing in line.

Vote. You'll be proud of yourself later (and I'll be proud of you too)!


At 4/11/08 10:08 AM, OpenID seithman said...

I cast my vote a little after 10am.

At 4/11/08 9:58 PM, Anonymous Matty V said...

I voted today.

I voted NO on 8.

I'm really nervous about it though.

I hope all my work for the campaign was not in vain.

At 5/11/08 6:45 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Yay, way to go guys!


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