Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Voicemail Messages

Is it just me, or is it a bit weird to have someone quote scripture on their voicemail message? I just called a woman, and she started with the standard, "you have reached blah blah, leave a message, blah blah..." but she finished by quoting scripture (something about making the best of every day, but I don't recall the exact words).

I'm all about being proud of your faith, but it just struck me as a bit odd. And don't get me wrong, I talk to hundreds of people a week, and I hear plenty "Have a blessed day[s] and other similar religious nods, but that's a pretty big step from actually quoting scripture. It just seems a bit over the top to me. Call me cynical I guess.

Update: So, I just called a guy, and I told him who I was and asked how he was doing, and his response was, "Blessed, blessed. I'm blessed." My response was, "Good, glad to hear it." How are you supposed to respond when someone tells you he's blessed? It sounded really weird to just respond by saying, "good."


At 22/10/08 9:33 PM, Anonymous Norm! said...

Praise greetings are one of my pet peeves.

I've heard scripture, praise music and even mini-sermons in voicemail greetings. At first I thought it was quirky, but now I think it's rude and coercive -- especially if I'm trying to leave a message regarding a business matter for the recipient's benefit (i.e. employment or rental). My employer isn't paying me to listen to preaching. I admit that I even hesistate about calling someone I know who has a ridiculously long voicemail greeting.

I also feel cynical about how to respond to 'Christianese' in work conversations. My coworkers and I roll our eyes whenever we deal with a particular vendor who insists on ending every conversation with "God bless!". It's not offensive, but even in the shortest, hurried telephone conservation, the vendor forces "God bless!" at the end. It just seems silly and unprofessional.

At 23/10/08 6:48 AM, Blogger grace said...

Hi Brady!

I get put off by stuff like that as well...mostly because it seems to come with that "preachy" undertone.

It's not just you.

At 23/10/08 7:38 AM, Anonymous Donley said...

My landlord has quoted scripture on your voicemail message. She changes it often to new passages or other inspirational quotes. Makes me want to say something like, "Bless me, it's been many years since my last confession. I must confess our pipe is leaking under the bathroom sink. Please have a repair man to come by and fix it, and while you are at it a priest to come by and Bless it so that it doesn't leak again!"

At 24/10/08 8:41 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Hey guys- you won't believe it, but my cable is out AGAIN. Comcast is really on my last nerve.

Anyway, thanks for commenting. Glad to hear I'm not the only one that gets irked by that kind of thing.

Donley- your comment leads to a good point. If you throw your faith out there to anyone and everyone, are you setting yourself up to possibly not live up to their expectations? It would kind of irk me if my landlord was always talking about her faith but then couldn't handle her duties as landlord at the same time.

At 27/10/08 10:39 AM, OpenID seithman said...

What gets me about things like this is that I often wonder if such people might be ignoring Jesus's warning against making a show of your religion "like the hypcrites."

Also, I think that if I were to get an answering machine that ended the greeting with a Bible verse or other Christian messsage, I might be sorely tempted to end the message I leave by quoting excerpts from The Charge of the Goddess. But I'm just a troublemaker like that. ;)

But I suppose that'd still be better than quoting The Satanic Bible. ;)

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