Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Cost of Being Gay

One of my blog friends, Pomoprophet, has been going through an unbelievable ordeal over the last month or so. Just reading the last several entries on his blog (which he had to make private for a period to try to stave off any more problems) left me choked up.

Pomo has been a teacher and football coach at a Christian school. He loved teaching, he loved football, and most of all, he loved his students. All of that came crashing down when someone he knew two years ago while he was an ex-gay called his school to tell them Pomo was gay. It's unbelievable, really, that a person could work so hard to try to destroy someone else's life, but it happened, and now Pomo is left to deal with the aftermath. Pomo lost his job and lost the students and players he cared so much about. His post, "Redemption," really tells the story of his last day with his students in heartbreaking detail. It's not just him that lost out, but his students, players, and coworkers too. It truly is unbelievable that something like this can still happen.

Please read Pomo's story in his own words, on his blog. It's a story of betrayal, heartache, and in the end, awe-inspiring strength. Unfortunately its also a story of a Christian school getting it all wrong in the name of "love." Pomo's moving on and finding strength in all of this, and maybe one day his story will help people realize how wrong this type of thing really is.


At 19/8/08 8:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I already read it. It's truly a moving story. I also have to admit that I admire Pomo's sense of grace in it all. Personally, I think I'd have a hard time being so...calm about it if I were in his position.

Heck, I'm worked up just reading about his experiences second-hand.

At 28/8/08 8:54 AM, Anonymous shorty said...

what a heartbreaking story, and one that made me really angry.

ugh, now i'm just pissed off.


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