Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Pros of Being Gay (Take Three)

It's time for part three of my series "The Pros of Being Gay." Click these links for part one and two.

  • You can go to dance clubs shirtless!

Let me clarify by saying that I've never gone shirtless in a club, and have never really felt the urge to (my pale freckledness has made me somewhat image concious, especially when not at a beach or pool). But hey, if you like to be shirtless, gay clubs are the place to be!


At 15/8/08 8:23 AM, Blogger Jack said...

Don't forget, you can also take your shirt off at fast food Mexican restaurants.

At 18/8/08 9:03 PM, Blogger gs.rusty said...

Geesh, these are all the bad things. I think the best part about being gay is being free from societal expectations. Gay men can choose to be whoever they want. Straight men aren't afforded that luxury.

At 26/8/08 10:14 AM, Blogger Brady said...

GS Rusty- I disagree that these are all bad things, but I agree about your other answer. Maybe it'll be next on thi list!

At 20/9/08 7:34 PM, Anonymous SoccerMom said...

The shirt off thing is all fine and well until you put glitter all over that shirtless upper body and get crammed into a nightclub.

I asked a club going friend to recommend a nightclub with dance music for new year's eve. She gave me the name of a couple. The husband got directions to one club where we took my sister (42 yr old virgin minister), the husband's cousin (a church youth leader and innocent church girl) and her husband.

Turns out the club is a gay nightclub with cages and shirtless men with glitter. I would have stayed 'cause we all know the gays know how to party. But the glitter got to my sister and the two guys deep tonguing right in front of the cousin sent her running.

I was a little ticked no ladies hit on me. I looked really cute that night. *-sigh-*

Anyway, the moral of the story is no glitter please.


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