Friday, July 11, 2008

The Pros of Being Gay

I hear a lot of stuff about the cons of being gay. Hey, I used to dwell on them myself. But, things have changed for me over the last few years, and being gay is a good thing for me these days, so I'm going to start a theme of posts called "The Pros of Being Gay." I'll add these here and there as they come to mind. They'll go from fun to silly to serious. Feel free to add your own. Here's one to get started.

The Pros of Being Gay (take one):
  • If you're the same size, you get to share clothes. And, what gay man doesn't want more clothes?!?


At 11/7/08 8:52 AM, Blogger Jack said...

Fun idea. For me, a pro is to be able to dance in public. Who can name that reference?

At 14/7/08 10:09 AM, Blogger Pomoprophet said...

Key word there being "If" you're the same size!

At 15/7/08 8:07 PM, Blogger ArmoredCity said...

it would be vapid of me to say that this was my No.1 reason to marry. But I'm not saying it not on the list! lol

At 16/7/08 7:07 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Jack- I don't watch TV, remember? ;-)

Pomo- Good point. We're lucky, I guess (although the shoe thing is more of a compromise than an exact fit--slightly too big for one, slightly too small for the other).

Armored- See, I never even really thought about it until it started happening. Lucky day!

At 19/7/08 1:11 AM, Anonymous Jim in St Louis said...

I hate the PRO gays. Why can't they leave it to us amateurs--who are in it for the love of the game?

At 19/7/08 8:46 AM, Blogger Jay said...

Jack: Oh, I know! Scrubs. Turk told JD that white guys could only dance in public if they were gay (this was shortly after JD was getting down to George Michael's "Faith" on his iPod).

Man, I love that show.

At 21/7/08 8:17 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Jim- lol, ok fine.

Jay- I'm impressed! (and for those of you who were wondering, I really do watch tv, that's just a little joke I like to use).

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