Thursday, June 05, 2008


Wow, it's been a while! Life happens sometimes, I guess.

Some coworkers at work were talking about Conservapedia today. I've heard of and seen the site before, but I figured it was worth talking about. Basically, it's the conservative's answer to wikipedia. I'm not really sure how wikipedia is "liberal" since anyone can change it, but for some reason some conservative people thought they needed an answer to it (here's a list of their reasons why it's needed, but let's not forget that they can edit Wikipedia too), so this is what they created.

The site borders on being a parody of itself with some of it's entries and "popular articles." For example, in it's "homosexuality" article, after a brief introductory paragraphy, the very first entry lists biblical references (this is after the topic is only given a one sentence definition). The entry goes on to claim no biological or genetic cause for homosexuality at all (not even as a partial influencing factor), quoting several studies, including one from the 1950's, two from the 1970's, and none (that I can see) from this decade. The entry goes on to "quote" the APA by linking to a Concerned Women For America article. Of course, there are several sections linking homosexuality and pedophelia, based on faulty research, and interestingly, and several more that mention the violence of the "homosexual movement." This stuff makes Paul Cameron look like a real researcher. If you're looking to get all riled up, please go check it out. I actually can't even believe people can write such blatant lies like that. Oh well.

So, this is what they are claiming is a honest and non-bias answer to wikipedia? Wow. Some things never cease to amaze. Sadly, this is the kind of stuff that my dad and stepmom would probably fall for. Maybe not necessarily the gay part these days, but some people are so eager to have their own beliefs validated, that they throw all critical thinking to the wind. This is what results.

I was going to link to some other stuff (it's "popular articles" lists things like dinosaurs, professor values, Hollywood values, homeschooling, and other conservative buzz words). This thing is really just blowing my mind right now. The fact that people fall for this type of stuff baffles me. Anyway, I think I've had enough. Check out the site for yourself and be amazed, and not in a good way.


At 7/6/08 5:00 PM, Anonymous Michael Ko said...

LOL. The site does seem to be a parody of itself in many ways. It is otherwise a little sickening reading all the narrow-minded crap!

At 12/6/08 3:28 PM, Blogger Thom said...

I've been thoroughly entertained. Thanks for the link.

At 20/6/08 9:25 AM, OpenID TrinityAGH said...

Tell them to read (well it could use a little more work, but its a good start)


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