Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well, today marks the first day of my last year of being in my 20's. I'm starting to feel really old. For some reason, I just don't feel like I'm that close to 30. I wish I could just be 25 for the rest of my life.

Obviously, that can't happen. So, happy birthday to me! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Celebrate in my honor!


At 23/5/08 8:15 AM, OpenID seithman said...

Happy birthday!

And trust me, once you get a couple years into your thirties, it doesn't seem that bad.

At 23/5/08 8:53 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Thanks Jarred!

At 23/5/08 3:17 PM, Anonymous bitter with baggage said...

I don't who seithman is or why he's lying to your face but trust me, it's all down hill from here. Live it up while you can sweetheart. Happy Birthday!


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