Thursday, October 16, 2008

Couldn't We Do Better Things with Our Money?

Both sides of the anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment battle in CA have raised in the neighborhood of $20 million so far and will undoubtedly raise more money in the 3 weeks we have left into the election.

For what? To "save marriage?" Give me a break.

I don't live in Massachusetts, but I seem to remember that the state still exists, and gays haven't even taken over Boston yet. Besides that, marriage seems to be chugging along just fine over there. Hey, if Rush Limbaugh can blame the Democrats for destroying the economy by coming to power in 2006, we can certainly judge whether gay marriage has been a success or not in Massachusetts, and thankfully, not even the right wingers can claim it to have caused any real problems.

Can you imagine all of the millions (hundreds of millions?) of dollars we could have spent on far more important issues if this gay marriage absurdity weren't out there? How "moral" is it really to effectively take money from causes that need real help (feed the hungry, fight domestic violence, fund education, etc. etc.) for something like this? I think it might be time for these marriage amendment proponents to review their priorities.


At 24/10/08 6:28 PM, Anonymous Jon said...

This is simply not how it works at all.
Eve ate the fruit and never died "that day". Th sad part is that nobody sticks around long enough to see the fruits of their labors; so they dam the Mississippi and then claim: "See! Nothing happened! No floods!"

At 27/10/08 5:45 PM, Blogger Brady said...


The bigger problem, though, is those that always claim the impending destruction whether or not it is ever actually going to come. It's a really nice position to be in...what with not needing any evidence or facts to back one's positions


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