Monday, October 13, 2008

Less Than Motivated--I Blame Comcast

So much to do, so little...motivation?

Is it possible that my lack of cable tv and internet at home has made me less motivated and productive? Here I am, going on week 5 after hurricane Ike and I still have no internet or cable service at home and nothing to show for it, either.

Somehow the city of Houston has managed to repair every broken traffic light in the entire city, is well on it's way to picking up all the downed tree limbs and other debris from the roadside, and Center Point energy has fixed every electricty outage in southeast Texas, yet Comcast cable still can't get cable or internet to my house.

Well, the problem is that they're still trying to claim that I have cable service, despite 4 visits from technicians between my neighbors and me, all resulting in us being told the obvious--that we don't have service, but there's nothing they can do because there's a line down in the neighborhood. So, they promise to get a crew out, tell us it'll be a few days, and then Comcast cancels the crew because their computers show no outage in our area. And the cycle repeats into week 5. I realize there was a hurricane, but this is just straight incompetence at this point. Remind me why cable is still not deregulated again...

All this, and you'd think I'd be more productive at home than usual. You know, no tv or internet to distract me from doing work around the house, reading, working out, etc. etc. But I've actually found myself dipping into some sort of low grade depression. I was calling it the "Ike effect" but I think I'm going to call it the "Comcast effect" here soon. All I want to do is not have to watch network television while cooking dinner. Is that too much to ask?


At 14/10/08 8:41 AM, Blogger ComcastCares1 said...

I can check with my contacts about restoration status there. What is the phone number on the a ccount?

I apologize for the inconvenience. I appreciate the opportunity to help.

Mark casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

At 14/10/08 11:01 AM, Anonymous Matty V said...

Does AT&T service yall's area?

At 14/10/08 3:04 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Mark- Wow, thanks for reaching out and trying to fix things. I sent you an email.

Matty V- ATT Uverse is not available in my neighborhood. I also am not a fan of satellite, but I can only take so much, and satellite is certainly better than nothing.

At 15/10/08 11:39 AM, OpenID TrinityAGH said...

Wow - that's crazy - I would be depressed at this point too! If it makes you feel any better, our cable providor is no longer carrying NBC so I'm missing all of those shows unless I bust out the rabbit ears.

At 22/10/08 7:17 PM, Blogger otrolado said...

Crazy! I read about Comcast and other companies having people out checking blogs. How funny!

BTW, I found your site linked through David's.


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