Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Comcast- Complete and Total Incompetence

After writing this post, I was contacted by 3 different people at Comast (including Mark over in Comcast Cares) that all were calling to work with me to fix the problem. I appreciated the gesture and was happy to see the response, but I was worried that it wasn't going to be more than lip service.

Well, I got home that night around 9pm to find a guy working on the cable lines on the street outside of my house. He then came to tell me that he had found a couple of small problems that were causing the intermittent service and had fixed them.

As of today, we are back in service. I'm glad to see Mark and the others take such initiative to help me finally fix my problem (even if it did take forever for me and them to convince Comcast of what the problem was). I haven't seen my bill for the period of outage yet, so I can't comment on what happened there, but for now, Comcast actually did work hard to finally get me back up.


I'm writing this blog to blow off some steam and to hopefully let everyone else out there know the incompetence of Comcast. Bear with me.

I'm sure you saw my last blog post about my frustration with Comcast's reaction after the hurricane. Basically, the entire city has been fixed, but Comcast still can't get their stuff together.

I lost cable service on the morning of 9/13. Today is 10/28, and I still don't have cable or internet service thanks to Comcast. Service came on last week for 5 days and then this weekend for 3 more, but other than that, nothing. And for some reason, nothing is getting done about it. I've been assured that I won't be charged for my outage, but I'm pretty sure they're not even legally allowed to charge me for service that I don't receive, so that offer is more of a slap in the face than a real offer to own up to their failures.

Other than a few "we're sorry's," I've gotten nothing. No attempt to make it right other than putting me in the back of the line with anyone else. No even letting me talk to a manager. My one consolation has been Mark over at their online department, Comcast Cares, but unfortunately he seems to get swallowed up by the total failure that seems to be this company. As nice and helpful as he has been, my cable is still going out, and no one wants to fix the problem except to tell me a technician will come out, which isn't what I need, and the pattern repeats itself.

If you have any type of choice on your cable or internet service, consider yourself warned...don't use Comcast.

Now I'm going to sit in a hold queue and ask for my service to be fixed, only to have them tell me I don't have an outage in my area, wait 1-3 days for a technician that I don't need, who will order a crew to fix the line, who then gets cancelled because their is no outage in my area, so I have to call again to get a new tech....you get the idea.


At 29/10/08 2:25 PM, Anonymous shorty said...

Wow. Unbelievable, really.

At 29/10/08 3:12 PM, Anonymous Matty V said...

I don't like Comcast either. My DVR freezes up sometimes.

But they do have the local radio stations in their line up so I can listen to Energy 92.7, which really is the best part about having moved to the Bay Area. lol


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