Friday, November 21, 2008

"They're Coming to Your Town!"

I just stumbled upon an unbelievable video from the AFA called "They're Coming to Your Town," a short "documentary" about how gays took over a small Arkansas town and apparently destroyed the "moral fabric" of the town.

I am really hesitant to ever make any comparisons to Nazi tactics, but you really have to watch the trailer on this one. This preview is so close to Nazi propaganda it's amazing--demonizing gays as people that will destroy America's cities one by one. The narrator describes the 28-minute video as an account of how "a handful of h activists infiltrated... the Eureka Springs city government" and warns viewers, "Don't let this happen to your city."

The trailer runs like a preview to a horror movie...inciting fear into it's viewers from the very first line. The narrator goes on to sound the alarm by telling viewers that "a well-organized gay agenda will take over the cities of America one city at a time," and one of the interviewees warns that, "If it hasn't happened to your town, get ready, because it is going to happen."

This is propoganda at its worst. This is why the "culture war" is where it is today. For all of those that claim gay people are the ones perpetuating the current environment in are we supposed to respond to delusional messages like this? Well meaning Christians out there watch absurd videos like this one, made from an organization that claims to be a Christian group, and they fall for it hook-line-and-sinker. After all, why would a good Christian organization like this tell them something that wasn't true?

Let's see...gays are "infiltrating" the city, changing it's very "moral fiber," and the video warns three different times not to let this happen to your city. Read: Gays are monsters, and they will destroy your very livelihood. Nice. The AFA really should be ashamed of themselves for something like this. Actually, everyone should be.


At 21/11/08 4:57 PM, Blogger grace said...


They are their own worst enemies...always have been...since they never really trust in God to sort anything out. Always taking up "swords" when they need to just sit back and take care of themselves...

with the whole "Obama is anti-christ" thing here in rural OK....i was like..."hmmm...and you are going to prevent these iron-clad prophesies you believe in HOw??"

makes no sense to me either.

God is always completely in control...right up until someone they don't agree with gets elected..then it's the devil in control....


At 23/11/08 7:16 AM, Blogger otrolado said...

Wow. The trailer is absurd!

It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic.

At 23/11/08 5:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Did you go to the Houston City Hall Prop 8 protest on Nov 15??

At 25/11/08 6:42 AM, Blogger Brady said...

"God is always completely in control...right up until someone they don't agree with gets elected..then it's the devil in control...."

Very good point, Grace. It's so spot on!

otrolado- My thoughts exactly.

Anon- I didn't get to go, unfortunately. J and I were out of town in west Texas for a family wedding over the weekend and missed it. I was pretty upset to not be able to join in (J even more so).

At 10/12/12 9:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

12/10/2012. The Passion Play closed in bankrupcy due to the lack of attendance. The American Family Association told people to boycott Eureka Springs, Arkansas because of pro gay politics and closed a long running telling of the end of Christ's life. Bizarre the Christian Community would turn on itself. Hope the AFA is proud and happy. Oh, just a note, tourism is up this year for the town


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