Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New AP Style

I used to use the AP handbook constantly in high school and college. So, I was glad to read that it has updated its terminology on gays and lesbians in its 2006 edition. Among the rules now are avoiding using the terms "homosexual" and "sexual preference."

For those of you that aren't gay, the term homosexual has a pretty negative connotation. Many anti-gay folks use it even though they know of the negative connotation. Now they can be called out on it pretty easily without hiding behind ignorance of the term. Sexual preference implies choice, so I'll be happy to see it gone.

Chalk that up as one more step forward.


At 15/3/06 10:57 AM, Anonymous Sparky said...

Why is "lesbianism" pejorative? I guess I can see how "-ism" implies a state of being rather than just being, but I can't really figure out how to describe that implication in words. Help me, Brady.


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