Wednesday, September 07, 2005

New Blog to Read

I found a blog yesterday that is worth a read. She's a Christian woman trying to work through being gay. The first post is definitely worth a read because she talks about some issues that I have blogged about before, namely what it means to be gay and celibate and how that differs from straight people that are just waiting to marry. Here's a little idea of her take on the issue:

"By celibacy I mean way more than no sex -- although that does suck, there is no denying that fact. By celibacy, I mean no marriage, no family, no one reciprocating my love..."

I'd personally like to add that celibacy for gays means way more than just sex. It means never finding that romantic love that the rest of the world yearns for. It means never cuddling in someone's arms romantically, never experiencing that passionate kiss or the giddiness of reciprocated attraction. I could go on, but I think you get the point. Anyway, give her a read.


At 7/9/05 12:16 PM, Blogger JJ said...

Hey Brady, thanks for linking to my site! The most wonderful thing about starting this blog is meeting other people who are thinking about the same thing as me. I have some wonderful friends who are trying to support me in this as much as they can, but a lot of the time, it is just beyond their understanding. I look forward to reading your blog -- and being read by you! :)

At 7/9/05 12:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In your opinion, must gay people be celibate to be good christians? What exactly is a good christian? One who ups the tithe to 11% ?

At 7/9/05 12:41 PM, Anonymous Nathan Sheets said...


Good post. I am the director of an ex-gay ministry, and I think that you bring up good points, especially about the fact that straight people think that gays should just "give up sex", though really there's more to being gay than just the sex.

I think a big problem for Christians who struggle with homosexuality is that they do not have hope, nor did they ever have true hope in healing. They think, "God chould help me through this," or "I hope God does this" but really, deep inside, they think they will simply continue to be gay or that they will have to be celibate. It's sad.


At 7/9/05 1:23 PM, Blogger Brady said...

JJ- you are very welcome. I also enjoy meeting new people. Looking forward to that too!

Anonymous- I think that about being a good Christian question is a bit too in-depth to answer in a comment on a blog. I don't however think that a gay person must be celibate to be a good Christian any more than a divorced and remarried person needs to be.
As for a tithe, I think 11% couldn't hurt, lol.

Nathan- Thanks for the comment. I agree, that is an issue that many gay Christians have to deal with. Although, i think many non-gay Christians and even some ex-gay groups exacerbate that problem by promising something that may not happen. That being said, what do you think the answer might be?

At 9/9/05 9:40 PM, Blogger Eric said...

As a fellow blogger, I have had the wonderful privilege of befriending JJ and getting to know her through her blog. She is awesome, genuine, sincere, and real. Definitely worth noting in the blogosphere!

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