Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Day The World Went Queer

Last night, my partner and I, along with a friend of ours went to see a great way, way, way off-Broadway show called “The Day The World Went Queer”. It was one of 184 different shows being performed during the FringeNYC Propaganda Festival, which runs through August 28th.

The premise of this satirical musical comedy was that the lily-white town of Sanctityville legalized same-sex marriage because the gays seemed so nice and friendly and clean! What the residents of this pastoral little village didn’t realize was that the “homos” had come to town to launch an insidious attack and turn everyone queer.

The Donna Reed mom whose only concern is a clean floor becomes a biker dyke. The responsible dad becomes a leather daddy who no one wants because no one wants a daddy who’s a bottom. The rest of the town morphs into typical gay sterotypes. Only two residents don’t come under the spell – Susie and her boyfriend, Billy. It is up to them to save the town.

I won’t say any more just in case someone decides to see the show. What made this comedy so darn funny was how true it was. It played upon the fears that the Conservative Right has about homosexuals. They believe that by allowing same-sex marriage or even just equal rights for homosexuals, the world will become queer – families will disintergrate, boys will behave like girls, girls like boys, etc. etc. etc.

My friend Ali, a lesbian, recently told me a story about how her (male) friend’s girlfriend asked her if it was wise that she, Ali, purchased books like Heather Has Two Mommies for her (Ali’s) niece because wasn’t she afraid that she might turn the niece gay. Ali responded with: “What book did you read to make you heterosexual? I must have cut class that day.” The girlfriend apologized and realized that she had asked a really stupid question.

My personal belief is that the Conservative Right knows deep down inside that no one can be turned gay and that no one can be turned straight. They are just terrified that if gay men and women are treated as equals, then they will have no one left to blame for society’s ills. They can’t blame black people anymore. Heaven forbid they look at themselves and see what problems they are causing by pigeon-holing people into specific gender and sexual roles.


At 19/8/05 2:04 PM, Blogger Scott said...

We drum up more profits for the right if we appear to be vampires who will turn anyone into one of us.

At 19/8/05 6:06 PM, Blogger Stojef2005 said...

Too true.


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