Wednesday, August 17, 2005

We're Not Anti-Gay, We Help AIDS Patients

In a really weird article I just read from Break Point, Chuck Colson actually says that speaking out against gays isn't hate speech because most AIDS hospices are run by Christians.

I'm not sure that statistic is even true. But, even if it is, I have a hard time believing that because some Christians run AIDS hospices, that allows them to speak against (and often very hatefully against) homosexuality.

Just the fact that he thinks helping AIDS patients equates to loving gays shows his bias pretty heavily. He equates AIDS with homosexuality without even hesitation.

Here is the full quote. See what you think for yourself, "So-called “hate speech”—that is, any criticism of the gay agenda—has been banned on many college campuses, so say the activists, because it will incite violence. But will it?
Come on, who is running most of the AIDS hospices in America? That’s right: It’s Christians. “Hate filled bigots”? Hardly."

I'm actually pretty stunned by this reasoning, and I'm surprised he thinks he has made a salient point.


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