Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Conservatives, the New Liberals

Work is killing me right now. So much to do I don't know where to begin. So, I need a short break.

As I've said before, I listen to too much talk radio. Rush Limbaugh is who I listen to at lunch. I usually just get about 30 minutes of him, but it is enough to get me hyped up, usually not in a good way. Who knows what this is doing to my heart. Just kidding, luckily I am not old enough to worry about that yet.

Before I get started, I wanted to comment that yesterday he referred to an Asian man as an Oriental man. Real nice.

Anyway, my thought is that as much as Rush, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, and all of the others want to pretend that the liberals are getting figured out and are losing their grip on America because they are out of touch, it just isn't true. Democrats lost some big elections this last go around, but we sure are forgetting all too quickly how long they held power themselves. Decades went by with Democrats holding power in the House and/or Senate and a recent 2 term President comes to mind. No one was claiming a complete and total victory for the Democrats then. And, a 2% win in an election does not mean the American people are all Republican all of the sudden.

Of course, these guys are doing whatever they can to prove themselves and their own point of view right. Sometimes I wish there were some talk show hosts that were more middle of the road. So, when the right side claims that the White House shouldn't have to release documents about Judge Roberts and the left claims that the White House is hiding those records illegally, I can know who is lying and what people have done in the past. Right now, no one contextualizes anything historically unless it helps their case, and they leave out the parts that don't. How does the average person know what to think?

Ok, the real reason for this post. I am not a conservative (not a liberal either) for a few reasons. First, the conservatives of today would be considered liberals just 40 or 50 years ago and super liberals 100 years ago or so. Yet, they blame the liberals are the ones that are always changing their viewpoints. Second, the conservatives have made too many missteps for me to forgive. Being on the side of slavery, Jim Crow, prohibition, censorship, segregation, etc. isn't a good track record if you ask me. Whether these guys were Republicans or Democrats, they were still conservatives, and they were wrong. I'd rather just look at each issue as it comes along rather than being locked to some ideology. I will admit recently to having a softer spot in my hear for liberals, probably because none of them are telling me I am going to hell.


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