Saturday, July 30, 2005

All This Ex-Gay Media Coverage

With all of the recent media coverage of ex-gays (CNN, Good Morning America, The View, the NYT, etc.), I am surprised that I havent heard anything about it from Randy Thomas. The Exodus Media Blog has been on hiatus this month, so I haven't been able to hear there take on these events either. Exodus' main website is also silent on the issue from what I can tell, although I heard their most recent newsletter did mention a discussion on The View on Monday, August 1st.

I also think that the LIA folks are getting more attention than deserved, considering in the 3 years of the program, they have only had 24 teenage attendees. They've probably had more than 24 applications last week as a result of all of this attention.

I watched the CNN, Paula Zahn interview part II about LIA and ex-gays. Paula finished by interviewing the LIA employee/graduate that was also on GMA. I left wondering how LIA or Exodus could leave this kid out to dry like this. Paula really took him to town during to interview, getting him to fully admit that his attractions had not changed, probably would not change, and don't change for most everyone. He went on to actually agree that he was denying "his true self" and quipped that we all are were to some degree as a sort of failed explanation. Doesn't Exodus or LIA have professionals to handle the media like this? The kid was trying hard, but he was honestly overmatched by a professional journalist.


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